台灣有線寬頻產業協會 (CBIT) 於 2002 年 8 月 20 日成立,是台灣第一個有線電視及有線寬頻產業同業組織。

CBIT主要成員包括台灣的有線電視多系統經營者(MSO),以及系統經營者(SO),包括凱擘股份有限公司(kbro)、台固媒體(TFN-Media)、台灣數位光訊科技(TOP)、寶福有線電視(Power Full)、天外天數位有線電視(TWT)、大台中數位有線電視(VeeTIME)、三大有線電視(SDTV)、世新有線電視(CYC)等。

CBIT 的宗旨是提供一個平台來整合業界的資源,並致力於推動法規的鬆綁與友善環境,以期提升有線寬頻產業的發展,突破數位環境的阻礙,促進數位內容與應用的普及,實現智慧家庭、數位新生活與數位國家的願景。

Cable Broadband Institute in Taiwan (CBIT) was established on August 20, 2002. CBIT is the primary association for cable TV and internet broadband services operators in Taiwan that integrates all the available resources for the cable TV industries. Its key members include Taiwan's cable TV multi-system operators and system operators, including kbro Co., Ltd (kbro), TFN Media, Taiwan Optical Platform (TOP), Power Full, TWT Digital Communication, VeeTIME Cable TV, San Da Cable TV,  Shih Sin CATV Co., Ltd.

The vision of CBIT is to aim at uniting the physical network of all cable television operators, promoting digital-content services, providing the market with greater employment opportunities, increasing the value of the information technology industry and most importantly raising the competitiveness of Taiwan. In conclusion, CBIT will be the major driving force of the development of Taiwan’s cable broadband industry.

The mission of CBIT is to provide a platform for integration of resources among operators in the hope of raising the output value of the cable broadband sector. CBIT is also a bridge between  the government and the  industry  to have more communication  on how to relax the regulations to create a friendly  environment  to nourish the development of Taiwan’s digital-content and related industries so as to achieve a digital society.

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